Weather Station

I recently purchased a weather station from ebay, model WS-3081.  The weather station has an internal and external unit and transmits via wireless between them – 433Mhz.  The internal unit runs on batteries and although unverified, it appears like it will also run off power supplied via USB.  The external unit has rechargeable batteries and a solar panel to recharge the batteries.

WH3080 Weather StationThe weather station can measure wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity, solar UV and lux from the external unit.  The internal unit can measure temperature, humidity and pressure.

This is great, but I want to a way to get that information into the computer so that I can more interesting things with it.  The weather station comes with Windows software, which will let you download the data over USB to the internal unit.  I had a look at this and although it works, it doesn’t give me the flexibility I want to download the data quickly, easily and export in an automated way.

Further posts coming on the weather station as I work on getting it automated.


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