AD Connect Filtering

If you’ve installed Azure AD Connect to sync objects from your local Active Directory to Office 365, you may have seen that you can use filtering to stop objects being sync.  Yeah Yeah I hear you say, you can filter objects by the OU they’re in.. Yes you can, but you can also filter by attributes on objects, which as you can imagine can be very handy.

Check out the below link for some Microsoft doco on how to do this.

The filtering examples in the above link can be used to filter in/out users from being sync’d to Office 365 Azure AD from your local AD. It uses the Extension Attributes (on the user objects) to perform the filtering. Once you AD Connect has been setup to do this filtering, the below PowerShell examples can be used to populate the relevant ExtensionAttribute with values which will be filtered to stop users being synced to Office 365.

The Microsoft Example uses ExtensionAttribute15 being set to ‘NoSync’. In my examples, I’ve used ExtensionAttribute8 and setting to ‘DoNotSync’ as that’s how was the ExtensionAttribute and value selected in our Azure AD Connect.

To find any users within your AD which have ExtensionAttribute8 set to ‘DoNotSync’

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
$users = Get-ADUser -Filter "ExtensionAttribute8 -eq 'DoNotSync'" -properties ExtensionAttribute8


To find any users within your AD which have ExtensionAttribute8 set to 'DoNotSync' within a specific OU

$users = Get-ADUser -Filter "ExtensionAttribute8 -eq 'DoNotSync'" -properties ExtensionAttribute8 -SearchBase "OU=UserAccounts,DC=FABRIKAM,DC=COM"


Or a specific user

get-aduser -Identity username -Properties ExtensionAttribute8

To Add 'DoNotSync' in ExtensionAttribute8 to a specific user

set-aduser -Identity username -Replace @{ExtensionAttribute8='DoNotSync'}


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